How did my town get so lucky to have such a…religious person running for office?

Although I was born in Detroit itself, like so many Detroiters in the 1970s my family moved to a suburb of Detroit called Livonia when I was 10. I haven’t lived in Livonia in nearly 25 years, but my parents still live there in the same house where I spent my teen years. So the politics of the town occasionally still piques my interest. Sometimes they turn really nutty, such as this year’s City Council election. The city posted videos of all the candidates answering the following questions:

The following are 10 of the 11 candidates running in the Livonia City Council Primary election on Tuesday, September 15th. (Citing personal time constraints, Candidate Mark McCusker declined to participate.) The top eight finishers in the election will advance to the general election in November. Each Candidate was invited to make a personal introduction and answer two questions:

  1. Knowing there is going to be reduced revenue, what are you willing to do with the City budget and how will that affect attracting businesses to Livonia?
  2. What difference can you make as a member of the Livonia City Council?

The vast majority of the answers are of no interest whatsoever to those who do not live in Livonia. (I suspect they’re not of that much interest to a lot of people who do live in Livonia, either.) It’s typical fare.

There is one exception though. (You didn’t think I’d bore you with a post about the town where I spent much of my youth if there weren’t something that would interest you, did you? Self-indulgent I may be, but not that self-indulgent. I hope.) Check out the video for the following candidate:

Glenn Moon.

Watch the video to the end. It’s worth it. Then check out Mr. Moon’s MySpace page. I love the part where he lists his influences. God and Casey Kasem, oh yeah!

How did my old town get so lucky as to have a candidate such as Mr. Moon?

ADDENDUM: I should have known. The Glenn Moon video‘s been posted to YouTube: