September 11, 2001: What we saw and as it happened

Once again we come to another September 11. It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years since that horrible day. On this day, traditionally, I do two things. First, I post the following video.

This video was shot by Bob and Bri, who in 2001 lived in a high rise a mere 500 yards from the North Tower. On this eighth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, I think it’s important to post this again. It is the most prolonged and continuous video of the attack that I have seen, and, as such, It is difficult to watch.

That’s why it’s so important to watch.

Second, I either repost or post a link to a post I wrote about 9/11 on its 5th anniversary:

September 11: Five years later

Very likely I will continue to post these two things every year on September 11 while I’m still blogging, so long as I feel the need to do it. Perhaps, if I am still blogging in September 2011, I will make the tenth anniversary of the attacks the last time I post this on a yearly basis. One thing about today that will be especially weird is that I will be chairing an all day program retreat that will start at almost exactly the time the first plane hit. By 9:05 AM we were seeing this: