An antivaccine rap by a rapping “Health Ranger”? The pain, the pain…

We all know that Mike Adams, a.k.a. the “Health Ranger,” is anti-vaccine to the core. He’s known for, a repository of quackery, anti-vaccine craziness, and conspiracy theories that rivals but in a much slicker fashion. Now, unfortunately, I learn that he’s going multimedia. Worse, Mike Rangers, who is about as white bread and un-hip-hop a guy as I can imagine, thinks he can rap:

The song is called “Don’t Inject Me (The Swine Flu Vaccine Song).”

The common lies about the swine flu are all there: The claim that flu vaccines don’t work; the paranoid delusion that the “drug companies made this flu” and “the swine flu was made by man; it’s all part of a pharmaceutical scam”; that it’s all a plot by big pharma to make money and destroy your immunity. Seeing this rap video, I have to admit that the production values are fairly high, but there remains a big problem.

It’s Mike Adams rapping. I don’t know if this shows that Adams is down with the youth of America or risibly silly, much like those clueless adults mocked in 1960s sitcoms as they try to “rap” with the kids, using terms like “groovy.” I don’t know if this will actually spread Adams’ lies or result in little more than laughter at someone like Adams trying to go all gangsta on us.

As Dr. Zachary Smith would say, “Oh, the pain, the pain.” If you watch this, I echo Mr. T’s prediction below: