Science-Based Medicine is down

Given how many of you read this blog and Science-Based Medicine, I thought I should make an announcement. Sometime earlier this morning after 7 AM but before around 10 AM, the Science-Based Medicine blog went down, returning only a cryptic message saying that the site has been “suspended.”

The SBM team is aware of the problem, and, quite frankly, I’m disturbed that the site isn’t back up yet. I can tell you (and many of you may have noticed) that the site’s performance over the last week has, quite frankly, sucked, with slow as molasses page loading, frequent database errors, and general poor performance, which is really unfortunate, because the posts this week have been stellar. All I can say is that the problem is being worked on, but the technical guys are volunteers with day jobs; so they can’t just drop everything to work on this. I’m hoping the site will be back up soon, but Steve Novella has not yet been able to give me an estimate as to when that might happen.

Stay tuned, and please be patient.

ADDENDUM: Science-Based Medicine appears to be up again, but it loads really, really slow (at least for me). Hopefully, the bugs will get worked out over the next several hours.