And Science-Based Medicine is still down…arrrrrgggh!

Science-based Medicine, a place where sometimes a “friend” of mine pontificates, is temporarily down. Recently, the SBM crew moved the blog to a new server. Beginning over the last two or three weeks, the blog became buggy. Very buggy. Response times became painfully slow, and then last Friday SBM went down and stayed down nearly an entire day. Valiant efforts and arguing with the hosting company got it up and running again over the weekend, although it remained painfully slow to browse. I thought I had harkened back to those days of yore when I used to use a 9600 baud modem. Then, sometime yesterday morning SBM crashed again and stayed crashed.

It’s not clear yet if it’s lots of traffic and a rinky-dink hosting service. (Actually SBM doesn’t–yet–garner the level of traffic that this blog does; so we’re not talking Pharyngula-level traffic.) A DDoS attack is not entirely implausible, but there is no evidence that that’s what it was. Of course, given the unexpectedly crappy level of technical support the previous hosting company provided (given that it had been highly recommended), we’d probably never know because the company would probably never figure it out.

Patience again. SBM is moving to another host and hopefully will be back up and running soon.