More Maher idiocy about vaccines

I didn’t know that Bill Maher used Twitter, but I do now:


The original Tweet is here.

Gee, given their similar comments about flu shots being “for idiots,” you don’t think that Bill Maher and Doug Bremner are the same person, do you? Maybe they were separated at birth! In any case, perhaps we should see how many of us can be blocked by Maher by telling him that if you call people who get their flu shots idiots, you’re the real idiot.

Here’s a hint, Bill. If crackpots like those at Age of Autism love your stand on vaccines, you’ve gone down the same road as the Gardasil crackpots you criticize. (Of course, AoA wouldn’t like Bill quite so much if they knew this.) Why was it again that you support HPV vaccination but hate flu vaccines?