The time has come…

…for Bill Maher to receive the Richard Dawkins Award. It was a huge mistake on the part of the Atheist Alliance International to award it, for the reasons I’ve repeated ad nauseam over the last couple of weeks; so I won’t go there again.

What I really want to know is what happened. I can’t be in L.A. this weekend. Actually, I’d much rather be in London for TAM London than in L.A. anyway. Unfortunately, I can’t be in either place (although I will be going to Chicago next weekend for the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress; keep that in mind if any of you Chicagoans wants to try a meet-up in a little more than a week.)

In any event, with only a few hours to go before Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins take the stage at the AAI Convention, I thought I’d do this post as a place for any attendees who might be there to tell everyone what’s going on. In particular, I want to know what happens at Maher’s talk. Come on, don’t be shy! Let us all in on the action. Will Dawkins slap down any of Maher’s alt-med nonsense, or will he stay silent and polite? Will Maher spew some amazingly ignorant anti-vaccine views, rants against big pharma, or cancer quackery? Did anyone get an opportunity to ask Bill Maher or Richard Dawkins any questions?

Inquiring minds want to know!