Complain to CBS: CBS resident anti-vaccine propagandist Sharyl Attkisson sucks up to anti-vaccine pseudoscientist Andrew Wakefield

A number of you sent me this link. It’s to a video (above) of Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News’ resident anti-vaccine propagandist, putting on a nauseating display of sucking up to Andrew Wakefield over his recent monkey study, the one that I deconstructed yesterday to show it for the lousy science that it is. Attkisson is a true believer. She’s done this sort of thing before, occasionally to unintentionally hilarious effect; she’s especially enamored of writing hit pieces on Paul Offit. Even worse, Attkisson is in bed with Generation Rescue and Age of Autism, apparently feeding information to AoA when it suits her. Personally, I view her as nothing more than a fellow traveler with Age of Autism; for all intents and purposes, she might as well blog for Generation Rescue.

I’ll leave it to you, my readers, to pick apart the inanities contained in the video above. I’m more interested in countering it. So, please, use this page and complain about this to CBS. I know, I know, if CBS has tolerated Attkisson’s anti-vaccine propaganda for this long, it’s unlikely that her bosses will fire her now, but it’s important to let CBS know just how misguided she is. Tell ’em Orac sent you.