Dumbest comment ever?

Orac’s anti-stupidity circuits just took a serious beating. It’s kind of like Star Trek, when the Enterprise is being battered by multiple Klingon warships. After multiple phaser and photon torpedo hits, its shields are down to 10% and in danger of failing.

Orac is feeling sort of like that right now, except that it was a single massive photon torpedo of stupid that hit his logic circuits, courtesy of someone named Jeffrey, who commented:

Orac forgot to mention, in his attempt to character assassinate Dawn, to compensate for body weight compensation for, lets say a 6 lb baby.

A baby gets the same vaccine as a 180 lb man which means to compensate for the amount of sodium chloride injected into the baby, that man would need 30 equivalent vaccines.

This is just one vaccine! You make light of “table salt”, however it is no laughing matter Orac. How many vaccines does a child get in one day? Play with the numbers all you want.

Utter failure, Orac.


Jeffry, by the way, listed his website as VacTruth, which, as you may recall, is the same website that published Dawn Crim’s stupendously ignorant anti-vaccine screed that I had so much fun “analyzing” the other day.

Clearly, “Jeffry” matches Dawn in intellectual firepower. That’s not a compliment. He even cites an MSDS sheet while demonstrating that he has zero understanding of human physiology, even though he thinks he understands dosages. But Orac is nothing if not benevolent, even though Jeffry nearly fried his anti-stupid shield circuits. Let’s put it this way. What’s the usual volume of a vaccine? It’s usually one milliliter (mL) or less. What is the usual IV fluid rate for a baby? Well, it’s based on weight. A usual quick and dirty rule of thumb for the maintenance infusion rate for IV fluid in children is:

4 mL/kg/hr for the first 10 kg +
2 mL/kg/hr for kilos 11-20 +
1 mL/kg/hr for every kilo over 20 kg

So, for a 6 lb baby (which would be a mighty tiny 6 month old, the youngest age for which the H1N1 flu vaccine, the topic of Dawn’s onslaught of neuronal apoptosing ignorance, is recommended), the recommended IV fluid rate would be

2.7 kg X 4 mL/kg/hr = 10.8 mL/hr

Assuming that vaccines have about the same concentration of electrolytes, such as NaCl, as D5LR (which they do, roughly), then it’s safe to give a 6 lb. infant nearly ten times as much NaCl every hour as what could conceivably be in a single vaccine. Actually, even if we use other electrolyte solutions, such as D51/2NS or D51/4NS, that would still be at least twice as much NaCl as could conceivably be in a vaccine each and every hour.

See, Jeffry, numbers are your friend–if you know what to do with them, which you clearly don’t.

The only response I can think of to someone like Jeffry, whose arrogance of ignorance is beyond belief is ridicule. He’s clearly too far gone to be educable.