More burning stupid from Bill O’Reilly on evolution and the “God of the Gaps”

I may have been a bit hard on Richard Dawkins lately, but, if he believed in saints, Dawkins would deserve sainthood for keeping his cool in the face of so much concentrated idiocy coming from Bill O’Reilly:

A couple of lovely O’Reilly quotes:

“I’m throwing in with Jesus because you guys can’t tell us how it all got here?”

“When you guys figure it out, then come back to me.”

Then, of course, O’Reilly couldn’t resist pulling out the “fascism” gambit.

Geez, I don’t think I could have restrained myself as well as Richard Dawkins did with Bill O’Reilly. In the face of such blustery nonsense, the gods themselves, if they existed, would contend in vain.