From one skeptic to the 2009 recipient of the Richard Dawkins Award: Stop being an anti-vaccine loon

Well, here’s something refreshing. In fact, it’s so refreshing that I just had to link to it. Michael Shermer, renowned skeptic and the publisher of Skeptic, has decided to school the Atheist Alliance International 2009 recipient of the Richard Dawkins Award, anti-vaccine kook Bill Maher, over the nonsense about alternative medicine, vaccines, and conspiracy theories about big pharma that Maher regularly likes to lay down.

Even better, he did it on what is normally a repository of anti-vaccine pseudoscience, The Huffington Post, in the form of An Open Letter to Bill Maher on Vaccinations. Read and enjoy. My only problem with it is that Shermer was entirely too nice about it. Of course, Shermer’s very civility just goes to show that civility doesn’t matter to the anti-vaccine loons. They’ve already infested the comment thread. You might want to send lend some tactical air support to Shermer if you get a chance. Tell ’em Orac sent you.