Mike Adams evaporates yet another of my irony meters, this time about Dr. Andrew Weil

Thank you, Mike Adams. You’ve saved my blogging posterior yet again.

What do I mean? Well, I had originally intended to do a lucid, insightful, penetrating analysis of a scientific study today. However, when I got home last night after a hard day in clinic I was just too tired. So, faced with that, I had a choice: either no bloggy for you tomorrow, or I could take on something that wasn’t quite so–shall we say?–demanding, something more in line with what my fragile eggshell mind could deal with after a 12 hour day at work.

Enter woo-meister supreme, Mike Adams. And, boy, is he ticked off.

What ticked him off? Amusingly, it happens to be something that provoked an intensely enjoyable feeling of schadenfreude in me, specifically the warning letter that the FDA and FTC sent to that cuddly, fuzzy master of interdigitating woo and medicine to the point where it’s impossible for the uninitiated to tell what is scientific medicine and what is quackery, Dr. Andrew Weil. The reason Weil got slapped down by the FDA and FTC is that he was selling dubious herbal flu remedies containing astragalus on his website, as this screenshot shows. The FDA issued a warning letter on October 15 telling Dr. Weil to cease and desist because, the FDA concluded, his claims were clearly “intended to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure the H1N1 Flu Virus in people.”

Mike Adams is not happy about this. Not happy at all. So unhappy was he to hear about this horrific event that he whipped off one of his typical logic-impaired screeds entitled FDA, FTC threaten Dr. Weil over immune-boosting supplements for H1N1 swine flu.

The woo, it flows, like burning gasoline of flaming stupid:

In working to protect the business interests of vaccine manufactures, both the FDA and FTC have declared all-out war against any products that might offer consumers options other than vaccines. This week, that war against natural remedies reached the shores of Dr. Andrew Weil, who is perhaps the best-known alternative medicine doctor in America. In an intimidating, threatening letter jointly issued by the FTC and the FDA, these rogue government agencies threatened Dr. Weil with criminal prosecution for making true statements about his immune-boosting formula such as, “Astragalus … is … used traditionally to ward off colds and flu, and has demonstrated both antiviral and immune-boosting effects in scientific investigation.”

This statement, although scientifically valid and true, is a threat to the profits of the vaccine industry, and so Dr. Weil’s company is being targeted by the FTC / FDA vaccine racket tag-team for termination.

Ah, yes. It’s obviously (once again!) nothing more than a plot by big pharma and the government to protect the obscene profits that can be made by flu vaccines! It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with wanting to protect the public from dubious claims, at least not in Mike Adam’s paranoid fantasy world. There couldn’t be anything wrong with Dr. Weil, who is actually arguably the best-known “alternative medicine” practitioner in the U.S., going a woo too far and making unsupportable claims about an herbal remedy, claiming it can ward off the flu. But bemoaning what he perceives to be the overreach of the government is not enough for Adams. It never is. In fact, Adams hasn’t reached his paranoia quota for the day if he can’t start throwing around the words “tyranny” and “criminal”:

Do you now see what a criminal racket the vaccine industry is running in America by invoking these tactics of tyranny? This is the kind of thing you might expect to see in China, where government officials arrest Falun Gong members who attempt to meditate in public, but you wouldn’t think that in the United States of America — “Land of the Free” — you’d be threatened with arrest and financial ruin for simply telling the truth about a powerful herb with scientifically-validated medicinal properties.

Tyranny. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. (Sorry. I couldn’t resist. That’s become one of my new favorite quotes. Don’t worry; I’m sure I’ll grow tired of it and latch onto another quote.) Adams’ analogy is also a non sequitur, but perhaps a Freudian slip of a non sequitur. After all, Adams likens the FDA cracking down on “alternative medicine” remedies to the Chinese government suppressing a religion. Unintentionally, Adams has likened The various herbs and other woo that Weil sells to “protect against the flu” to a religious cult. Methinks thismay be one of the most unintentionally truthful things Adams has ever said. Alternative medicine is very much akin to a religion.

But that analogy isn’t enough for Adams. Get a load of what he lays down a little later in the article:

This is similar to the way in which blacks were prevented from voting in America throughout the 20th century. The people who controlled the voting booths would issue “IQ tests” to anyone who tried to vote. The tests were rigged to fail all blacks while allowing whites to easily pass (and therefore vote).

The whole system was rigged from the start to create the illusion of fairness even though the outcome had already been pre-decided. This same brand of racism is now operating in modern medicine, except it’s drugism instead of racism. But the outcome has already been decided by the FDA just the same: All natural products will be denied, while all vaccines will be approved. This is how the system is rigged.

Wow. Just wow. The drug testing and safety bureaucracy of the U.S. is just like Jim Crow! Mike Adams says so! Don’t you see it? Except it’s not racism. It’s “drugism.” Because favoring drugs whose efficacy has been validated by science over supplements and herbs whose efficacy has not is just like keeping black people from voting, because–don’t you know–being able to sell pseudoscientific woo to the masses is a right, dammit! Once again, Adams’ choice of a metaphor reveals where he’s really coming from, which is the belief that any quack should have the right to sell whatever quackery he wants to anyone he wants any time he wants, and the government should let him.

Can Mike go for the trifecta? I think you know the answer to that one:

If you really think about what’s going on here with the FTC / FDA intimidation tactics, you realize that if a pandemic really does start to kill people, it is these FTC / FDA bureaucrats who will have blood on their hands.

Sounds a bit like projection to me. But it’s really not enough. It’s par for the course for Mike Adams to accuse the government of murder. Nothing interesting there, and it’s still missing that one last over-the-top bit to make a Mike Adams post a Mike Adams post. Indeed, without that element, I have a hard time identifying a true Mike Adams post. Can you guess what that element is? If you’re a regular reader here, I bet you can. If you can’t, well, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s keep reading to find out. When Adams is on a roll on the crazy train, as he is in this post, there’s only one way it can finish:

As you’ve figured out, the whole game is rigged from the start. Herbs that have anti-viral properties will never be approved as anti-virals. And, frankly, for the people running natural product companies to try to play the “FDA game” is useless. You can never appease tyranny. Trying to “conform” to the requirements of the FDA and FTC is like Jewish prisoners trying to conform to the wishes of Hitler.

Ding ding ding ding ding! We have a winner! That’s right, we have a Hitler Zombie-worthy invocation of Hitler. Now we have a real Mike Adams post. Because, you know, trying to win FDA approval for an herbal remedy is just like Jews being thrown into the gas chamber by the Nazis.

On second thought, I take back my thanks to Mike Adams. He may have saved my blogging ass yet one more time by providing me with such a juicy and–shall we say?–target rich environment to let me crank out yet another post. However, now I feel like I need a shower after reading his Black Helicopter-level paranoid rants comparing the reasonable enforcement of a reasonable law to Hitler persecuting and killing Jews.