Another celebrity anti-vaccine moron: Billy Corgan

Oh, hell. I actually used to like Smashing Pumpkins back in the 1990s. Unfortunately, its leader, Billy Corgan, has just revealed himself to be as medically ignorant as Jenny McCarthy in a recent blog post:

If you follow some of the links I have been supplying as of late, you’ll notice many are focused on the propaganda build up to our day of reckoning with the Swine Flu virus. I say ‘propaganda’ because, in my heart, there is something mighty suspicious about declaring an emergency for something that has yet to show itself to be a grand pandemic. merican President Obama has declared a national emergency about this virus, which he in his own words said was, at this point, a preventative measure. So, why declare an emergency if there isn’t one?

Note the conspiracy-mongering. Note the utter lack of understanding of what a pandemic is, although maybe the use of the term “grand pandemic” may be Billy’s way of weaseling out of that criticism. In any case, there was a very simple reason why President Obama declared the emergency. Such a declaration gives Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius the authority to bypass federal rules when opening alternative care sites, such as offsite hospital centers at schools or community centers if hospitals seek permission. If the number of cases of flu overwhelms the medical system, this is a power that HHS needs. No conspiracy. No grab for power. The declaration also allows hospitals to bill for off site services that they can’t normally bill for.

Billy then launches into the quack Miranda warning:

I am not a doctor, and I am in no way suggesting that you should follow any medical advice from me. What you do with your body, what you put into it, who you allow to love it or hate on it, is your business. I am more focused on the vibration that has us all so fearful: both for how the fear affects our thinking, and how, in our fear, we attract the worst, and, in conjunction with that, how those fears are used by others without integrity to try to create a power against Us to promote discomfort and dis-ease.

“Vibrations.” Oh, no. I wonder if Corgan is into homeopathy. Whenever you hear talk of “vibrations” in a context like this, you know you’re dealing with nothing but the finest grade-A woo and medical ignorance. If that’s not enough, he uses the term “dis-ease.” If the use of the term “vibration” isn’t enough, whenever someone uses the term “dis-ease,” you know with 99.9999999999999999% certainty that that person has drunk deeply of the quack Kool Aid. And so Billy has, including the conspiracy theories that the H1N1 virus is not naturally occurring:

I would suggest however that it is possible the virus is not a naturally occurring virus. I have read reports from people who say (as doctors) that there is evidence to suggest this virus was created by man; to call it Swine Flu is then a misnomer, as it really is Swine Flu plus some other stuff stitched together. These doctors said such genetic mutation was impossible in nature.

Bullshit, Billy. Bullshit. Such recombination of flu strains is not only very possible in nature; it happens all the time. That’s how flu strains change so rapidly and why we need a new vaccine every year. Such ignorance is clearly the product of a University of Google cherry-picking “education.” Only such ignorance can explain the next passage, full of the arrogance of ignorance combined with a mish mash of New Age woo, Christian belief, and sheer nonsense:

So you have a situation here where you can examine your own Mind-Body-Soul power staring in the face of Death itself. Assume this flu is the worst thing to ever hit this planet, worse than the beubonic plague of the Middle Ages, or worse than any war ever conjured up. Evil itself has come to wreak havoc on the planet. Assume, for the sake of argument, it is The End.

Well, where does that leave you? Do you quit work? Do you run away? Do you stand still and hope Death walks past you?

I for one will not be taking the vaccine. I do not trust those who make the vaccines, or the apperatus behind it all to push it on us thru fear. This is not judgment; it is a personal decision based on research, intuition, conversations with my doctor and my ‘family’. If the virus comes to take me Home, that is between me and the Lord. I have put up some of these links to inspire the question in you, so that perhaps you can make a better decision for yourself. That is what holistic life is about: a willingness to look at all the facts or opinions.

Again, apparently Billy does his “research” on anti-vaccine crank sites and quack sites, if the links he’s posted are any indication, links to articles like The Goal of Every H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine: Immunotoxicity, Neurotoxicity and Sterility (which is so full of lies it deserves its own post to debunk) or The Threat of Mandatory Vaccinations. As for “holistic,” Billy’s “examination of the evidence” is anything but holistic. Clearly he’s cherry picked the most outrageously anti-vaccine lies he can find from the Internet and blogosphere. Here’s a hint, Billy: If you’re being promoted by the anti-vaccine crank blog Age of Autism, you earn an EPIC FAIL when it comes to understanding vaccines and “dis-ease.”

Sadly, I doubt that Billy Corgan is salvageable. His post is so full of New Age-y religious bilge that it would likely take a sustained deprogramming effort to have any hope of changing his mind. It’s particularly telling that he does not accept comments (although comments are allowed at a news story reporting Billy’s nonsense). So, what we have here is another celebrity idiot parroting anti-vaccine pseudoscience. Say hi to Jenny McCarthy, Brent Spiner, Jim Carrey, and all the others, Billy.