An Age of Autism commenter destroys yet another irony meter

riley’smom is very unhappy with Amy Wallace:

I wrote Ms. Wallace a private email. I intentionally wrote it directly to her private email and DID NOT post it in the comments section of Wired Mag. I asked her about her one sided-biased interview with Mr Offit and asked if she planned to NOW do a fair and balanced report as many were questioning her porfessional reasoning. I also asked her how it felt to be one of Offit’s whores…that perhaps she and Amanda Peet should get together and compare notes on how Ms Peets career was doing since she joined the Offit band wagon.

I received an email back form her thanking me for my input and that she takes this “very seriously”. A few days later…I receive another email from the Rants Department of Wired Mag wanting to publish my email and saying they needed my name, phone number, and home address in order to do so. (Yea, I don’t think so, I’ll get put on a list of terrorist with the likes of Bin Laden that have threatened the very delicate nature of Mr Offit and Ms Wallace)

I wrote back telling them this was a private email to Ms Wallace and I did not want it published, period. I also mentioned that if by chance they decided to go against my wishes and publish my email in any shape or form, they will be speaking to my lawyer. She had no right to forward my email onto anyone as it was sent to her privately. If I wanted the world to read it I would have posted in the comments section of Wired.

Sure, because AoA sooooo respects the privacy of private e-mails, as it did for Gardiner Harris of the New York Times, certain reporters from the L.A. Times, and yourse truly. I’d take riley’smom more seriously if she had criticized AoA as well for breaching the privacy of e-mail, which it regularly does. Indeed, those of us who counter the idiocy regularly laid down by AoA have learned a hard lesson, namely, “If someone associated with AoA ever e-mails you, assume that anything you write in the exchange is likely to be made public.”

As for the post itself, it’s just J.B. spewing the same pseudoscientific nonsense that I’ve slapped down over and over. The only difference is that he appears to be going for Orac-ian verbosity. Well, they always say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.