O Most Holy Pancake!

Alright, I’m officially tired of the latest Age of Autism outrage. So, while I wait for J.B. Handley to strike back (or not), let’s move on to lighter subjects for a moment. And what better to cleanse the palate of the vision of cannibals eating babies as a metaphor for those who standup for science than a little pareidolia?

Yes, it’s another Virgin Mary sighting, this time in a pancake:

Now, I’ve seen Jesus on a pancake. Heck, there’s even a site dedicated to Jesus on pancakes. Besides, others have beaten this woman to seeing Mary on a pancake. This is actually a pretty lame Virgin Mary sighting, as Virgin Mary sightings go. To me, it looks more like Emperor Palpatine hunched over and rubbing his hands together, no doubt cackling with glee.

Be that as it may, personally, I like the Holy Griddle of Mexican wrestlers upon which Mary bestowed her holy visage.