I guess J. B. Handley isn’t so proud of Age of Autism after all…

Remember the truly despicable and disgusting post by Age of Autism, in which its enemies were portrayed in a crudely Photoshopped picture as preparing to eat a dead baby for their Thanksgiving feast? It was an image that I likened to the blood libel against the Jews, as did Rene at EpiRen in a much more detailed post.

It’s gone now. If you go to the link, earlier this evening you’d get a message “Nothing to see, move along now.” Now, if you go to the link, it’s a blank page. Fortunately, for now at least, the it’s stlll cached in Google, and I, of course, have saved web archives, a screen shot, and the photo, and I intend to keep them in order to show anyone who won’t believe how utterly without compunction the crew at AoA are. The despicable anti-vaccine clods at Age of Autism can try to cover up evidence of how low they routinely go in sliming their perceived enemies, but the Internet doesn’t so easily give up the traces of their misdeeds.

Nor will it allow J.B. Handley to forget his own words, foolishly posted on my blog on December 1, 2009 3:27 PM EST:

I’m exceptionally proud of the blog AoA has become. To characterize it, however, as an initiative of Generation Rescue is simply untrue. In point of fact, AoA is far bigger than Generation Rescue, and has dozens of contributors who have nothing at all to do with GR. For what it’s worth, neither I nor anyone at GR plays an editorial role in AoA.

One of the many reasons AoA poses such a threat to people like you is that it represents the views of a large and growing community, a view that challenges the status quo, and a view that many more Americans each day are growing to share – partly due to the tireless efforts of AoA. It’s also a view that, given your past inaccurate proclamations, you certainly pray is untrue: that the prevalence of autism is growing, that the environment is playing a heavy role, and that vaccines appear to be the #1 culprit.

The photo in question that you feign exasperation for is a comedic style known as “satire” that also deals in metaphors. It may have gone over your head, I found it hilarious, if only I had been clever enough to think of it myself.

If J.B. is so proud of AoA, I wonder why he either ordered the offending post taken down or allowed it to be taken down. I don’t buy for one minute his claim that he has no “editorial” role at AoA. Maybe he doesn’t officially, but AoA clearly appears to function as a wholly owned subsidiary of Generation Rescue, basically its propaganda arm. I highly doubt that anything could be published on AoA that offends J.B. or goes against the party line that vaccines cause autism.

Maybe J.B. isn’t so proud of AoA after all. Good. A sense of shame is the first step towards redemption. Sadly, I doubt that J.B. has any shame. He and his crew at AoA probably felt that the PR hit they took from their childish idiocy far outweighed the value of shocking and rallying the troops that leaving the picture up would have done.