Just can’t wait for “The End of Time”

Regular readers here know that I’m a long time Doctor Who fan. That’s why it’s with some sadness that I await the approach of the two-episode finale for David Tennant’s tenure as the Tenth Doctor. Over his three full seasons and multiple specials in 2009, Tennant redefined the role and even began to rival Tom Baker for my favorite Doctor. This time, fortunately, BBC America will be showing these episodes one day after they air in the U.K.; so I don’t have to choose between waiting several months to see them or getting them by BitTorrent. In any case, there are some tantalizing clues about what might happen and how the Doctor might be forced to regenerate in these trailers:

Oddly enough, apparently there has never been a Doctor Who story entitled “The End of Time” before. In any case, it is fitting that it should be in battle with The Master that the Tenth Doctor meets his end. After all, that was how the Fourth Doctor met his end.