Hitler discusses the evidence for the chiropractic treatment of infant colic…

Given my long known weak spot for Downfall parodies (even though they are an Internet fad whose time has come and probably already gone), how on earth did I miss this?

PodBlack Cat shows me that, believe it or not, Hitler was a chiropractor. He’s been asked to talk about the use of chiropractic for infant colic (you know, the same thing that Simon Singh got in trouble in the U.K. for criticizing), but there is a most unfortunate (and hilarious) complication:

Best line: “Christ, there is more evidence that Elvis is still alive!” Well, maybe not. There are lots of good lines, and I had a hard time deciding on just one; so watch the video.

By the way, this is not safe for work. Of course, in this case I’m not sure exactly what that means, given that the subtitles that have nothing to do with the original scene have been placed over the footage. That’s rather the point of these parodies. So even if your cubicle mates can understand German, they won’t be hearing the F-bombs that Hitler so liberally drops in his rant. So, I suppose it comes down to how sensitive you are to NSFW material.