The Golden Woos

With 2009 now safely in the history books, it’s time to look back on the year and “honor” some of the most egregious offenders against science and reason. Fortunately for us, Skeptico has presented his second annual Golden Woo Awards.

I was disappointed to see yet again that surgeon who has led me time and time again to want to put a paper bag over my head or even forge a Doctor Doom mask to hide my face in the shame that he brings upon the honorable profession of surgery. Yes, I’m talking about everybody’s favorite creationist neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Egnor, who, through the principle of crank magnetism and the “vindication of all kooks” principle, has now revealed himself to be an anthropogenic global warming denialist as well–and not just an AGW denialist, but a particularly dim AGW denialist.

I also like that our old friend Bill Maher figured prominently.