The Skepchick versus Barbara Loe Fisher

I’ve discussed why Barbara Loe Fisher is a hypocritical coward for trying to silence her opponents using the courts. Now Rebecca Watson, a.k.a., The Skepchick, schools Barbara Loe Fisher for in essence pissing on the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

For some reason, my irony meter didn’t register the point that the Skepchick laid down. Perhaps it had already been so completely vaporized by the Loe Fisher’s ranting about wanting a “fearless conversation about vaccines” hot on the heels of having tried to sue Dr. Offit for doing just that.

You know what’s rather interesting, though? Ever since the news of BLF’s lawsuit broke about a week ago, there’s been nothing but a deafening silence from the anti-vaccine movement other than a truly brain dead attempted defense from Ginger Taylor, whom we’ve met before, in which she tries to slime Paul Offit yet again. Hilariously, Ginger concludes:

Personally, I am no fan of law suits, but at this point, I want people under oath when talking about things, because the BS is so thick in this debate, and the accountability for flat out lying so thin, that something has got to put the breaks on the corruption

Actually, I doubt this case would ever go to trial, but if it ever did I’d love to see Condé Nast’s lawyers get Loe Fisher on the stand to ask her about some of her many statements about Dr. Offit–not to mention about some of the NVIC’s activities over the last few years. Now that would be fun to see. Ginger should be very careful what she wishes for. She might not like it if she gets it. Certainly, BLF won’t. Sauce for the goose, as they say, and I’d be willing to bet that Dr. Offit has far less (if anything) to hide than BLF does.

Whatever the reasons for this silence, Ginger’s little rant is about all I’ve heard out of the anti-vaccine movement regarding this lawsuit. Aside from her, no one from the anti-vaccine movement seems to have said anything. It’s been nearly pure silence, except for one woman who hates Paul Offit so much that she’d side with BLF no matter what. From everyone else, including even J.B. Handley, who hates Offit just as much, the silence is deafening. I wonder why.

Perhaps it’s because, although he’s incredibly ignorant when it comes to science, when it comes to money matters, JB is neither stupid nor ignorant, and I highly doubt he’d be stupid enough to sue over something like this, given the thin chance of success relative to the cost. My guess is that he knows a loser case when he sees it. Indeed, maybe the anti-vaccine movement in general knows that this lawsuit is a joke and an embarrassment–because it is.