James Randi speaks about chemotherapy

People fear chemotherapy.

Some of this fear is not unreasonable, but a lot of it is a vestige of older days, when chemotherapy was much more unpleasant and even at times horrific. However, contrary to the old alt-med trope of chemotherapy as “pure poison” that makes you sicker than cancer, advances in chemotherapy and supportive management that minimizes nausea and other side effects have made chemotherapy easier to bear for many people. Last year, James Randi underwent surgery and chemotherapy for what sounds like colorectal cancer, although he refers to it as “intestinal” cancer. Be that as it may, what he has to say is very, very important, namely that chemotherapy is not as horrible as it used to be, that it no longer can be assumed to make you sick as a dog, that it can be usually handled reasonably well, and that, if you need it, you should not fear it to the point of rejecting it:

Randi is off chemotherapy now and doing well, thanks to modern, science-based medicine. May The Amazing One live many more years, and I hope you’ll all join me in wishing him well.