This must not come to pass: Quacks winning the Shorty Award for health

Although I have a Twitter account, I really don’t use it all that often, other than having set up an automatic feed to Tweet all my new posts for the blog. True, I do from time to time have flurries of activity (usually when I’m trapped in a particularly boring conference) or am inspired to tweak J.B. Handley or other anti-vaccine kooks when they start Tweeting nonsense, but for the most part I remain a blogging kind of a guy. One could argue whether it’s my tendency towards logorrhea on the blog rendering me incapable of hewing to the 140 character limit for Twitter, but whatever the reason I’m not that active there.

Perhaps that’s why I’m a bit late to the party and hadn’t heard of the Shorty Awards, which are apparently being awarded to Twitterers in various categories. I’m also rather late learning about just who’s running in first place in the Health Category. At the time of my writing this, it’s that über-quack of quacks, that despicable ghoul for whom there is no such thing as sinking too low in the service of promoting quackery, Mike Adams of Get a load of some of the Tweets voting for him:

Wendy Burnett I nominate @HealthRanger for a Shorty Award in #health because…he gives us the information the gov doesn’t want out

Tamara I nominate @HealthRanger for a Shorty Award in #health because…He tells No Lies

Mary Rebman I nominate @HealthRanger for a Shorty Award in #health because…he digs for the truth, doesn’t follow mainstream media

Now there’s some burning stupid!

Who’s in third place? The almost as bad Joe Mercola, who is anti-vaccine to the core, spreading anti-vaccine misinformation and outright quackery hither and yon through the blogosphere, thanks to his website. He’s number three in the voting. If either of them were to win, it would be particularly galling, given that, unlike a lot of other blog awards, there will be a Shorty Awards ceremony in New York.

Here’s a suggestion. Go over to the Shorty Awards and check out how it works. (You need a Twitter account to vote, and votes from active Twitterers count for more.) Then vote for someone other than Mercola or Adams. Right now Rachel Dunlop is in second place; she has the best chance of overtaking Adams.

There is one category where Adams and Mercola richly deserve your vote, though. Feel free to go and vote for them in the woo category. Too bad John Scudamore doesn’t Tweet, though. He’d be even more deserving of a woo award than even Adams or Mercola.