Stay classy, Dr. Joe. Stay classy.


It’s amazing how these “natural” medicine mavens reveal their true nature when faced with a little adversity. As you may recall, Mike Adams was eliminated from the running for a Shorty Award in Health, thanks to the cluelessness of his fans and followers. He immediately erupted into tirades full of conspiracy-mongering, as well as a hilariously off-base, spittle-flecked attack on “skeptics” that was so full of straw men that his adopted Central American home will probably have to import straw for its farm animals for the foreseeable future. As a result of his being eliminated, Mike Adams urged his fans to throw their support behind Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the Internet’s foremost promoters of quackery, even quackery as blatant as that of Tullio “Cancer Is A Fungus” Simoncini.

Apparently, Dr. Mercola is not too happy about the person who is now in first place in Health, Dr. Rachael Dunlop, a.k.a. Dr. Rachie. He’s been whining about it on his Facebook page:

Need Your Help to Squash Drug Company Pushers

An arrogant group of science bloggers that have vilified me for the past few years have started a campaign to have an Australian shill to win a health award on Twitter. This overweight non-physician has arrogantly bashed nearly every alternative therapy and encourages reliance on drugs.

Making fun of Dr. Dunlop’s weight? Stay classy, Dr. Joe. Stay classy.

In any case, this insult is merely a lead-up to an appeal:

She is Big Pharma’s wet dream. If you want a real laugh to see just how ridiculous some of her positions are you can go to her site

Now I could care LESS about this stupid Twitter award, it absolutely meaningless in the broad scope of what is going on in health.

BUT the award can be viewed as a metaphor, and is a fight with those that would literally destroy everything we know and love about natural healing. So consider this a trial run of what we eventually need to do to defeat those that would remove your health freedoms.

This site has 63,000 fans. Surely we can beat them. All we need is a measly 600 votes to defeat them.

You know, like Mike Adams, who also claims he couldn’t care less about getting a Shorty Award as he whined about how unfair it all was that he was eliminated from the competition, Dr. Joe doth protest too much. He says he doesn’t care about getting this award, but then he says the award is a “metaphor” for his “fight with those that would literally destroy everything we know and love about natural healing.”

Gee, Dr. Joe. If the award really is about a fight against everything you know and love about “natural medicine,” don’t you think you should care?

In any case, those of you with a Twitter account, please don’t give up. If you haven’t voted yet in the Health category, mosey on over to the Shorty Awards and vote for Dr. Rachie. You’ll be glad you did.