The secrets of successful blogging revealed!


I realize that this has been floating around the blogosphere for a couple of days, but when I first saw it at PZ’s place, I thought that Chis Clarke had stolen someone’s blogging strategy notebook, except that I thought he had stolen mine, so spot-on is his channeling of just the right style to take on pseudoscience mavens, quacks, and other purveyors of woo.

There’s just one problem. It’s way, way too short to have been stolen from my blogging playbook. It needs to be about two or three times as long, minimum. It also needs a few sentences like this:

This sentence contains tortured variations on the term “burning stupid” involving everything from supernovas to black holes to quantum theory.

This sentence rambles on and on and on until you desperately want to put it out of your misery. This sentence is followed by a fragment.

Who says I don’t know my own blogging style? It is true, though that my readers could probably characterize it better…or not.