My theme song these days…

…is, sadly, this:

It’s times like these that my surgical residency training comes in handy.

Yep. As I’ve alluded to, it’s been grant time, and this was my night. But the R01 is finished. I’ll have my lab people go over it one last time for errors and typos, and then it’s off to the university grants office. I hope.

That reminds me. As all NIH rats know, the real deadline for R01 grant submissions is February 5. At least that’s the date when the NIH wants them. However, our grants office requires us to get the electronic package to it a whole week before the deadline. I thought electronic submission was supposed to make our lives easier, but, geezer that I am, I think I miss the old days of printing out a bunch of copies and heading to the airport the night before to use the FedEx box with the latest pickup time to get the grant to the NIH in time.

I’m too tired now, but maybe I’ll have to pontificate on the joy that it was to try to describe five years worth of science in only 12 pages.

Another day, perhaps.