Egomaniacal Sunday morning basking in glory

My adopted alter ego may be nothing but a computer played by a box of colored blinking lights, but those few who are actually familiar with the 30 year old British SF TV show that featured Orac beginning in the last episode of its first season know that Orac is an arrogant and vain computer. Given that, how could I fail to notice a couple of accolades that came my way last week.

First off, on Friday, Respectful Insolence was included in a list of top skeptical blogs, along with Science-Based Medicine, NeuroLogica Blog (which Steve Novella informs me is down due to excess traffic and a really idiotic ISP that just shut him down rather than charge him more or give him a warning), Quackwatch, Skeptic Blog, Skepchick, and Pharyngula, and Richard Wiseman Blog. Whoa.

Then, earlier in the week Eureka Zone included Respectful Insolence in its list of the Top 30 Science Blogs.

Too many accolades can go to the head of even a cranky computer.

Finally, before I sign off, I know I promised I’d try to leave the Wakefield case alone next week, but AoA and posted some stuff that I may not be able to lay off of. If I am weak, I ask your indulgence for one more day on Monday.