But what about the Illuminati and David Icke’s reptilians?

The utter discrediting and disgrace of Andrew Wakefield, first by the judgment of the General Medical Council against him and then by the retraction of the crown jewel of his respectability his 1998 Lancet paper that sparked the modern anti-vaccine movement and launched a thousand autism quacks. The reaction of the anti-vaccine loons was very predictable, with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey producing a hilariously paranoid conspiracy theory and J.B. Handley following suit with more monkey business. Truly, the downfall of their hero, which has been a long time in coming but has finally arrived. Indeed, even his latest “respectable” study has now bitten the dust.

Latest to weigh in is–surprise! surprise!–Ginger Taylor, who appears to be vying with J.B. and his dim-witted celebrity spokescelebrities for making up some truly fine conspiracies. In this case, she’s gone J.B. and J & J one better in that she’s drawn up a flowsheet of paranoia, prefacing it with:

Also fascinating that they have tried to portray Wakefield as the guy that invented the autism/vaccine connection, despite the fact that Leo Kanner reported that one of his first 11 cases in the 1940’s was a regression following a smallpox vaccine, the VCIP has been paying autism cases for 25 years, and I first heard about the connection in my undergrad psych program in 1988 at George Mason University, so that they can use this GMC hearing to declare the vaccine controversy over. (I have forty or so studies on my “no evidence of any link” page supporting the vaccine/autism connection and I have never even had Wakefield’s MMR paper up there.

Actually, no one knowledgeable about the vaccine-autism scare thinks that Wakefield started it. He did, however, popularize it in the U.K.and, arguably more than anyone else, is responsible for the surge in anti-vaccine quackery that erupted during the last decade.

In any case, I have a word of advice for Ginger, as she is a rank amateur at constructing really good conspiracy theories. After all, she forgot the Illuminati, David Icke’s reptilians, and the Masons, for starters. Then there has to be a link to 9/11, of course, and a link to aliens.

I also have a message from my vaccine overlords to Ginger: Don’t worry. You’ll soon be silenced. I have used my big pharma connections (generous rewards for being such a humble and reliable servant) to ask Glaxo-Smith-Kline to send its black helicopter over to pick you up. My vaccine overlords were more than happy to oblige.

No need for Ginger to thank me. It was my pleasure.