Marc Neumann or Dr Rolando Arafiles? You be the judge!

The silliness about Morgellons and Marc Neumann continues. This time around, it’s someone sending me e-mail from Dr. Rolando Arafile’s website. In my e-mail last night I found this gem:

From: “Health2Fit” [email protected]
Subject: Violation
Date: February 12, 2010 3:54:59 PM EST
To: “Orac” [email protected]

Please remove our videos that you have on your blog. There are not there with any permissions.

I will not get into the politics of all this, everyone has an opinion, just remove the videos.


My response follows:

Dr. Arafiles (or is it Mr. Neumann?):

Three points:

1. The videos were posted to YouTube. Once they are on YouTube, anyone can link to them or embed them. That is the whole reason YouTube exists. The account holder can change the settings to disallow embedding or to make the videos private, although that rather defeats the purpose of YouTube). However, unless the YouTube account holder does that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent anyone from linking to the videos or embedding them. After all, I am not the one who originally posted them to YouTube. If you don’t want them disseminated through blogs linking to them or embedding them, then take it up with Marc Neumann, who is the person who posted them to YouTube. If you are Marc Neumann, as I suspect, then take it up with yourself.

2. I ask you what I asked Mr. Neumann (or you before): Show me the proof that you are the lawful copyright holder, and I will consider your request. As I also cautioned Mr. Neumann, unless he is the legal copyright holder or has explicit permission to use these videos, then he is the one in violation of copyright. In any case, I do not take his word for it that he is the legal copyright holder or that he has permission to use the videos.

3. You apparently haven’t bothered to notice that Mr. Neumann already set the videos to be private; they don’t work any more. You have to be invited as a friend to view them. Rather cowardly of him, don’t you think?

Finally, let me just take this opportunity I’m very, very happy that Anne Mitchell was acquitted and hope you lose the shirt off your back in the civil suit. You, Sheriff Roberts, and County Attorney Tidwell deserve it. The hospital too, although I regret that the obtuseness of its administration could hurt the people of Winkler County, as could the corrupt stupidity of its Sheriff and County Attorney. Maybe they will be wise enough to vote them out in the next election.



P.S. The answer to your demand is no. I will not remove the videos. There’s no point anyway. Mr. Neumann made them private. Perhaps he is asking me to remove them so that he can make them public again?

If there were any better evidence that Dr. Arafiles is working with Marc Neumann to spread Morgellons woo, I have a hard time thinking of it. If it is Dr. Arafiles or his webmaster who sent that e-mail, then clearly, Marc Neumann has been in contact with Dr. Arafiles or his webmaster. If it is Marc Neumann (as I suspect), then he apparently has access to the Health2Fit website’s e-mail address. My guess is that Marc Neumann really, really wants to make his videos public again but doesn’t want to do so as long as I have them embedded in my post. Sorry, Marc, but I’m not going to do it.