Best comments of the day on animal rights bullies

I have to admit, this one made me chuckle.

In an earlier post today, in which I expressed my outrage at animal rights terrorists targeting an investigator’s children for harassment at their school, I asked the following question:

That reminds me: Where were these animal rights loons when “Andrew Wakefield was torturing baby Macacque monkeys in the name of horrendously bad science designed to be used as a “made for court” study against vaccine manufacturers?

Paul Browne responded in the comments:

Perhaps crank magnetism also acts as a force field that protects cranks from other cranks.

I suspect the AR extremists took one look at AoA or Generation Rescue and thought “these folk are even more unbalanced than we are…and there are more of them. Lets find an easier target; somebody who is doing ethical and scientifically sound research and doesn’t have an army of cranks to call on”.

Well, Paul, you may have a point. A commenter named Raging Bee made the point even more explicit:

These people are bullies, and bullies are cowards. (Why do you think they harass rich women who wear fur, but not bikers who wear leather?)

Exactly. Camille Marino and her crew clearly think that, given that Ringach had little choice but to stop doing primate research after his family was harassed and threatened in 2006, such bullying tactics will work again.