Why, oh, why can’t I have something like this aimed at me?

I’m envious of Steve Novella.

No, the reason isn’t his vastly greater influence in the skeptical community than mine, his podcast The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, or the fact that he gets called a lot more for commentary when something involving quackery versus science-based medicine comes up. He’s earned that, having been at this a lot longer than me and under his own name. No, what irritates me is that he somehow manages to get homeopaths to make videos like this trashing him:

Homeopathy: The persecuted Jew of modern Nazi fascist medicine“? Isn’t “Nazi fascist” a bit redundant? Maybe not; I guess you could argue that Nazi-ism is just one variety of fascism. Be that as it may, I had considered siccing the a certain undead Führer on John Benneth, but decided that his rant was too incoherent even to be the product of a brain chomping by the Hitler Zombie. Even the Hitler Zombie, being of course a zombie, leaves a few milligrams of gray matter left after one of his feasts, but Benneth’s incoherent tirade doesn’t show signs of even a single functioning neuron behind it.

Steve’s made a response that takes down Benneth’s idiocy, of course. Couple that with the fact that I was out late last night for a local area surgical society meeting, and I don’t feel particularly obligated to do 5,000 words of full Orac on the hapless Benneth in the fashion my readers have come to know and either love (or hate), other than to point out that the various studies that Benneth makes so much of, the ones supposedly showing activity of homeopathic remedies on plants, animals, and inanimate objects and that he calls the “nuclear option” (hilariously asserting that Steve has “just been nuked”), have been discussed many times on this blog, on Steve’s blog, and on Science-based Medicine. Indeed, I’ve even posted a particularly tasty bit of not-so-Respectful Insolence (if I do say so myself) regarding a particularly idiotic other video by Benneth in which he attributes the “activity” of homeopathic remedies to nanocrystalloids while clearly not having clue one what he’s talking about, and I don’t even get a shout out! After all, Steve’s a lot less insolent than I am! He’s always a class act and rarely gets down and dirty with quacks like Benneth, the way Orac does on a routine basis. Yet I don’t get quacks saying things like this about me:

He knows, not only is his medicine ineffective for a host of neurological conditions, it is murderous. It is mass murder. It’s genocide. It’s the American Holocaust.

While it’s true that I’ve had anti-vaccine loons like J.B. Handley or Ginger Taylor, creationists like DaveScot, or “health freedom” loons like Patrick “Tim Bolen” (who went so far as to refer to me as “Orac the Nipple Ripper) write amusingly off-base attacks on me, I’ve never had anyone go so far as to shoot a video full of lies and misinformation about me. I’m feeling neglected.

Damn you, Steve!

I wonder if I should tone it down. Maybe that would get Benneth to give me my very own video too.