Why, oh, why can’t I have something like this aimed at me? (part 2)

Remember John Benneth? He’s a homeopath who runs a website called The Science of Homeopathy and produced a woo-tastic video claiming to show us how homeopathy works. Steve Novella also took on his video. For his trouble, he was rewarded with one of the most hilariously off-base attacks I’ve ever seen, even from anti-vaccine loons. So full of awesome looniness was the video that it induced in me a distinct sense of envy. After all, all I have is J.B. Handley attacking me.

Now, for reasons that elude me, Mr. Benneth has produced a second video. It’s just as outrageous. In fact, it’s even more so and probably NSFW given that it drops the N-word. Clearly Benneth has upped the ante considerably, particularly given his apparent attempts at sound effects and the hilariously “artsy” beginning of the video. Don’t play it if that offends you. You have been warned:

You heard it right. In this one, Mr. Benneth compares Steve’s criticism of his discussions of homeopathy to the breaking of an “uppity slave” by a slave breaker.

Damn. Steve gets all the best crank attacks directed at him for his efforts.

One almost has to wonder if Benneth’s second video is a joke, given that it was posted on April Fools’ Day. What I fear is that it is not. I rather believe that Benneth is dead serious.