I’m conflicted over this news

Since a whole bunch of you have been sending me this and posting it in my comments, I don’t see how I can avoid mentioning it. Apparently it’s being reported on The Superficial, Celebitchy, and People.com that Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have broken up. I must admit that it’s hard not to feel a bit of schadenfreude over this and wonder if maybe Jim Carrey was getting tired of the whole anti-vaccine scene, as The Superficial suggested:

I can only assume this has everything to do with Jenny McCarthy being completely shot down by the medical community only to continuing claiming a Playboy Bunny cracked the mystery of autism. Which has to get annoying.

JIM: Honey, I’m pretty sure a gunshot wound to the pancreas won’t cure my migraine.

Sincere apologies to Jim Carrey for making him relive that conversation. That must’ve been difficult.

On the other hand, I can’t help but feel sorry for Jenny’s son Evan. As messed up as Jim Carrey was, buying into Jenny’s anti-vaccine quackery, Carrey had become a father figure to Evan:

Over the years, Carrey has also grown close to McCarthy’s son, Evan, who has Autism. “He taught me how to love,” Carrey said in 2008 at a march in Washington, D.C. “And without Evan I might never have seen the greatness of Jenny’s spirit.”

For her part, McCarthy has praised her then-boyfriend’s devotion to Evan telling PEOPLE, “[He has the] capacity to love and to take on something that most men would completely run away from.”

The couple’s breakup can’t help but cause Evan confusion and consternation.

Still, whatever the reason Jim and Jenny’s relationship foundered, Jenny still has plenty of cash in the form of a $50 million trust fund to continue to spread her dangerous anti-vaccine message far and wide.