Nominate your very own American loon!

Now here’s a project of which I entirely approve: Its an Encyclopedia of American Loons. It’s up to seven as of this writing, including Mike Adams (of course!), who is characterized as “Complete loon, flamingly stupid, extremely paranoid, a zealot and a fraud; his influence is probably limited but given just a small base of followers he could wreak some havoc,” and HIV/AIDS denialist Mohammed Al-Bayati, who is characterized as “Self-unaware belligerent zealot, victim of extreme confirmation bias; impact uncertain.” Of course, both of these loons have been featured right here on this very blog, Mike Adams frequently and Dr. Al-Bayati a couple of times. His M.O., basically, it to “re-imagine” autopsy reports of children who have died of shaken baby syndrome as being due to vaccine injury or autopsy reports of people who have died of AIDS as not being AIDS-related deaths, as he did for Eliza Jane Scovill. He’s a truly despicable man worthy of such an “honor.”

The concept of an Encyclopedia of American Loons does bring up an idea, though. Why not send suggestions? For example, what about Gary Null? Jenny McCarthy? Kevin Trudeau? J.B. Handley? Fred Phelps? Kent Hovind?

The possibilities, alas, are endless, and that doesn’t even count the rest of the world’s loons. David Irving, anyone?