Goodbye, revere! Hello The Pump Handle (with some revere)

Yesterday was a sad day indeed, as a blogger that I’ve been following almost since I myself started blogging has decided to close up shop:

It’s been a long time coming but the time has come. Effect Measure is closing up shop, after 5 and a half years, 3 million visits and 5.1 million page views of some 3500. You commented on them some 37,000 times. It’s been a grand ride but to all things there is a season. It’s time to simplify my life and while my family has had me all along, at times science got short shrift. Now my time is getting short and I want to turn my attention to my research, the other polar star of my life. “Revere” will continue to post occasionally on Effect Measure’s successor site, The Pump Handle (TPH), which will hold down the public health anchor position after EM is gone. We’ll provide more details later this week when we officially hand off this spot to our friends and colleagues at TPH. Our archive will be folded into theirs, with details to follow when they are firmed up.

revere and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on some health issues (for instance, cell phones and cancer, although our differences tended to be more ones of emphasis rather than any fundamental disagreements), but he’s always had my respect, and Effect Measure has been a blog that I routinely check out at least every other day. It’s good to hear that he will still be contributing occasionally to Effect Measure’s successor blog, The Pump Handle. I’ve learned a lot about epidemiology and public health from the reveres, and I hope that continues at The Pump Handle. Actually, The Pump Handle is not a new blog at all; it’s simply been recruited by our benevolent Seed Overlords.

As one leaves The Collective, another joins.