The “American Rally for Personal [Antivaccine] Rights” metastasizes

It figures.

I’ve written a couple of times about a rally to be held tomorrow in Grant Park that would be hilarious were it not an indication of the threat to public health that the anti-vaccine movement represents. Actually, it is to some extent hilarious, mainly due to the anti-vaccine Poe-worthy “music” that will be the featured entertainment.

It was bad enough that the fair city of Chicago would be blighted with this nonsense–and Andrew Wakefield, too–but now the “American Rally for Personal Rights” (a.k.a. the Autism One anti-vaccine rally featuring disgraced and unethical British physician Andy Wakefield) is now metastasizing. There are now “satellite rallies” in Edison, NJ, New York City, and the Seattle Area.

I’ll just repeat again. Although the issue of how much power the state should have to compel vaccination is a legitimate political and social question, as I’ve pointed out before for Jenny McCarthy’s “Green Our Vaccines” rally and this rally, it’s really far more about being anti-vaccine than pro-freedom. The “health freedom” movement, of which the “no forced vaccination” movement is but a subset, is in reality far more about freedom for quacks to ply their quackery without any pesky interference from the government and for alt-med believers to use whatever quack nostroms or down whatever supplements they like, safety be damned.

Sadly, this week is likely to continue to be a very busy week on the anti-vaccine front.