The pause that refreshes these Doctors

I’ve written about the credulous mass of misinformation that is TV’s The Doctors before. As you might imagine, I’m not impressed with the quality of the medical information that is dispensed on this show. It’s everything I hate about glitzed up medicine as TV entertainment, particularly the vacuously beautiful hosts. I thought Dr. Stork and his merry band of bubble-brained doctors had hit their low point, but I was wrong. Earlier this week, they appeared to be extolling the claimed virtues of (or at least not treating particularly skeptically the claims for)–of all things–urine therapy. Don’t believe me?

Let’s go to the tape (not to mention some rather amusing commentary by Gawker).

Just when I thought The Doctors couldn’t get any worse, damn if they don’t go and prove me wrong! Yes, that’s The Doctors apparently drinking urine. Even if that’s not urine (it doesn’t quite look the right color, even for highly concentrated urine) and they’re just making it look as though they’re drinking urine, it’s a cheap stunt. Personally, I’d have preferred it if it were real urine they were dabbing on their skin.