Opening Orac’s holiday mailbag…

Today is a holiday in the U.S., Memorial Day. This is a day when we remember our war dead, but the three day weekend that accompanies the last Monday in May is also viewed as the unofficial start of summer. Consequently, I decided to take it easy and simply post a bit of e-mail from a reader apparently with the ‘nym trose313:

You need a good dose of positive energy. Such negative rantings cannot be good. Plus, you are very one sided, which is never good. There is a lot of wonderful alternative treatments out there and when one hides behind such slanted information as you, I tend to wonder what the motivation is.

Well, trose (or T. Rose, or whoever). Nice stab at the implied evil motivation. I’m surprised you didn’t use the dreaded pharma shill gambit. As for the good dose of “positive energy,” personally I consider promoting science and reason, not to mention explaining why pseudoscience is pseudoscience, is positive energy. Still, I’ll take in a bit of “positive energy” today by not going to work and not doing much. That’s as positive as it gets today.

In the meantime, don’t forget the real reason for the holiday, buried under the weekend trips, barbecues, and other activities.