Age of Autism and vaccination against meningococcus: What’s that again about not being “anti-vaccine”?

A couple of weeks ago I made what I thought to be a rather obvious observation, namely that the anti-vaccine crank blog Age of Autism is anti-vaccine, not, as it claims, pro-safe vaccine. One bit of the copious evidence that belies the claim is the obsessive focus of that blog on Gardasil. Even if science hadn’t failed time and time again to find a link between vaccines and autism, even in the most fevered dreams of anti-vaccine zealots Gardasil couldn’t have anything to do with autism because it is usually administered when a girl is between 10-13, long past the age when autism is most commonly diagnosed.

So is the meningococcal vaccine.

So why, then, is Age of Autism going crazy about a proposed vaccine mandate for the meningococcal vaccine to be required before children enter seventh grade? See what they’re writing:

Urgent Calls & Faxes Needed Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1st to
STOP new meningitis shot mandate for 7th graders in NY and to oppose Assembly Bill 10313 and Senate Bill 7156.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1, 2010 you need to get in the car and come to Albany to stop an effort to sneak through yet another mandatory vaccine in New York, this time for the meningitis vaccine, for both seventh graders and college students. If you can’t make it to Albany get on the phone, fax, and click on the Take Action link above to send your legislators an email and tell your legislators to fix state government and fix the $9 billion+ deficit and pass decent autism health insurance reform rather than interfere with your families’ health decisions.

No other state, or country requires, adolescents to get this shot. Only two states, New Jersey and Connecticut require it for college students, and that’s only for students who live in dormitories.

Other anti-vaccine groups are joining the bandwagon.

Once again, what was that about Age of Autism not being “anti-vaccine”? If it’s not anti-vaccine, why the obssessive focus on Gardasil and now the rabid reaction to a meningococcal vaccine mandate for seventh graders?

It’s because when Age of Autism bloggers proclaim that they’re “not anti-vaccine,” they’re either lying or fooling themselves.