Is your life worth $24 at Waffle House?

I forgot to mention on Friday that I’m currently in Chicago attending the ASCO meeting. It’s a lot of fun seeing the latest that science-based medicine has to offer, although ASCO isn’t always my cup of tea. The reason is that it’s very heavily based in medical oncology and chemotherapy, and there aren’t a lot of surgical talks. Another reason is that it’s a clinical meeting; so there isn’t a lot of basic science. Still, there’s plenty to keep my busy, and my blogging may be irregular over the next couple of days. Worse comes to worst, I’ll post a “best of Orac” or two. Nothing short of death or dismemberment can stop the verbiage, you know.

In the meantime, as I wander around McCormick Place in search of the latest and greatest clinical cancer science, I stand in awe of this Waffle House employee. Some kids tried to skip out without paying the bill when he was standing outside of the restaurant. The kids tried to run another worker down. They hit this guy, but he managed to hold onto the hood of the car. What happened next is amazing and reported here.

I don’t know if this guy had a choice or not, but one thing I do know: $24 and change isn’t worth risking your life for.