Andrew Wakefield, exactly where he belongs

Thanks to my “friends” at Generation Rescue and Age of Autism, I’ve learned of something that is so absolutely appropriate, so perfect in its complete perfection (if you know what I mean), it brought a smile to my face. It turns out that anti-vaccine hero and martyr Andrew Wakefield, who has been so disgraced that he’s left speaking at pathetic anti-vaccine rallies with even more pathetic sing-alongs with anti-vaccine music (if you can call it that), is being interviewed again, and the venue could not be more of a perfect match for “Dr. Andy’s” unique skill set and place in the anti-vaccine world.

What, you ask, could be such a wonderful fit of interviewee and interviewer, you ask?

Easy, tonight, the anti-vaccine crank blog Age of Autism informs me, Andrew will be interviewed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. It looks as though he’s the only guest on the show tonight, too!

That’s right. Andrew Wakefield has been reduced to interviews with the infamous former home of Art Bell and his overnight conspiracy theory radio, complete with alien abduction stories and UFO crashes; lethal fungi and animal mutilations; the afterlife and channeling; finding Noah’s Ark; Bigfoot sightings; and ancient alien visitations. Fantastic!

I just love the thought that Andrew Wakefield might well become George Noory’s new regular guest to go alongside frequent overnight conspiracy theorists like Alex “New World Order” Jones of Prison Planet and Infowars, who has been a frequent guest on CtCAM. It makes me beam about as much as, well, when I first found out that the British General Medical Council had stripped Wakefield of his medical license in the U.K.

I think Wakefield has finally found his calling: Regular guest on late night conspiracy theory/UFO/paranormal radio. He can regale Noory and his listeners with tales of the grand conspiracy to hide the “truth” about vaccines. Maybe he can join forces with some of Noory’s other guests and do a bigger, “better” version of Ray Gallup’s The Vaccine Aliens.

You know, you just can’t make stuff like this up. At least, I can’t. I may have to listen to this show tomorrow at work streaming over the Internet. There’s no way I can stay up between 1 and 4 AM in my time zone to listen live. But I do thank Noory and Wakefield for their perfect match.