Yet another one in the annals of inadvertently revealing anti-vaccine views

Time and time again, anti-vaccine activists respond to charges of being “anti-vaccine” with a self-righteous wounded whine that goes something like this: “We aren’t ‘anti-vaccine.’ We’re pro-safe vaccine.” Alternative claims are that they are “vaccine safety watchdogs” and that they’d vaccinate if only the government would “green our vaccines” or “space them out” or that they think the government isn’t listening to them or whatever. Of course, all of these are smokescreens for their true agenda, which, at least among the activists, is anti-vaccine to the core.

In fact, so engrained are anti-vaccine attitudes in the movement that claims that vaccines cause autism against all scientific evidence that strongly argues otherwise, that its members frequently make inadvertent slips when writing that reveal their attitude. Examples include J.B. Handley crowing about “bringing the U.S. vaccine program to its knees” and Julie Obradovic advocating in essence destroying the vaccine program in order to save it.

Here is yet another in the annals of such quotes. This time it comes from Anne Dachel “Media Director” at the anti-vaccine crank blog, who is gushing over Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s new book on vaccines. (Oh, goody.) In her post, Dachel writes:

And as someone who’s been active in the national autism community for a long time, I’ve seen tremendous changes. More and more people are speaking out. We are now an organized and united group, thanks mainly to the power of the Internet. Our message has severely eroded confidence in the cornerstone of health care: THE CHILDHOOD VACCINE PROGRAM.

She says that as though it’s a good thing, as though she’s proud of it, just as J.B. Handley was clearly proud of “bringing the U.S. vaccine program to its knees.” Fortunately, this is hyperbole, but unfortunately “eroding confidence in” and “bringing to its knees” the U.S. vaccine program are clearly what Dachel and Handley freely admit to be their goal. If it wasn’t, why be so proud?

That’s because she, like J.B. Handley, is anti-vaccine, all the denials notwithstanding.

If I’m in the mood, maybe I’ll address the canard of the VAERS reports. Or not, given how many times I’ve pointed out before that VAERS reports are unverified, self-reported “complications” of vaccines and how easily it is distorted by litigation and the anti-vaccine movement.