Penn Jillette on Andrew Wakefield

Coming soon: Penn & Teller take on the anti-vaccine movement on an upcoming episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! No doubt it will resemble this little preview that Penn himself has taped:

Note: Lots of NSFW language. It is, after all, Penn.

I will mention one thing. Penn’s wrong when he says that Wakefield is no longer a doctor. He still has the degree; he’s still a doctor. It’s just with his having had his license to practice in the U.K. stripped from him he is no longer a licensed physician. He can no longer treat patients. I understand why Penn keeps repeating the “not a doctor” line, but as a doctor I’m irritated by it. More importantly, it will provide anti-vaccine loons a line of attack to distract from the rest of his message.

Still, Penn’s right in the rest of his basic message. This is one of those times where The Man was right.