Join a live web chat with Chicago Tribune reporter Trine Tsouderos

I wish it were otherwise, but not all that many reporters “get it” when it comes to science and quackery. Fortunately, Chicago Tribune reporter Trine Tsouderos does. She’s shown it multiple times over the last year with stories about the autism “biomed” movement and Boyd Haley’s trying to pass off an industrial chelator as a dietary supplement.

It just so happens that she’s going to be taking part in a live web chat Thursday, July 1, at noon CDT (that’s Chicago time). The topic is going to be alternative treatments for autism, pegged to her story last week about OSR#1 and Haley. The chat will be at On Thursday, just before noon, anybody who wants to join will find a link to the chat at the Trib Nation site, and the chat will last about an hour.

Unfortunately I can’t join in because I’ll be in clinic then, but I hope my readers will check in. Reporters who are willing to investigate the anti-vaccine movement ought to be encouraged. After all, as you might expect from certain recent attacks I’ve suffered, if you take on the anti-vaccine movement, you pay a price.