A first: A cease and desist Tweet

Remember Doctors Data? It’s the highly dubious medical laboratory that Trine Tsouderos exposed in her series on the quackery that is the “autism biomed” movement. A couple of weeks ago, Doctors Data also decided to launch what appears to be frivolous lawsuit against the creator and maintainer of the Quackwatch website, Steve Barrett; i.e. a SLAPP lawsuit.

Apparently unsatisfied with its legal thuggery against Steve Barrett, Doctors Data has apparently decided to plumb new depths by using new media to threaten other bloggers. This time around, Doctors Data has actually Tweeted a cease and desist threat against blogger Liz Ditz. Here’s the Tweet:

@lizditz Cease and desist libelling us or we will sue you. http://tinyurl.com/docsdata. Doctor’s Data Lawyers.

Oh, wait. This Twitter account appears to be a parody.

I think.

Given Doctors Data and it’s record, it’s hard to tell.