Just a notice while I’m dithering over my future here at Sb…

…remember that the following three domains will always point to where I am:


Also remember that, should anything happen, I still have my old Blogspot blog Respectful Insolence, which can be reactivated at a moment’s notice, as I did last year when an attempt at a software upgrade at ScienceBlogs took longer than anticipated.

The fastest way to find out what’s going on, though, is probably my Twitter account:


And, don’t forget, I also have my other super secret other blog where I blog under my super secret real name. Most of you know where that is.

Meanwhile, I continue to dither while Pharyngula goes on strike and Zuska, Mike Dunford, and GrrlScientist leave (seeing the last of whom leave is almost as bad as Bora’s departure).