“Keep ’em coming”?

Longtime readers know that I’m a bit of a World War II buff. In fact, that’s how I ended up developing such a profound interest in Holocaust denial, to the point where I used to write about it rather frequently. I don’t write about it as often these days, not so much because I’m not still interested in countering it but rather because I don’t routinely come across it in the news as often as I used to.

Be that as it may, I happen to love WWII propaganda posters. American, British, Russian, German, I collect digital images of them all, and although my collection is only a couple of hundred images thus far, there are some rather fascinating examples there. Perhaps one day I’ll do a post with a careful selection of some of my favorites. Popular messages, in America at least, seemed to be that being too free talking about troops and ships would lead to the deaths of our brave soldiers, admonishments to stay within rations and not to buy stuff on the black market, and exhortations to buy war bonds and increase war production. In fact, I was just mulling over such a post yesterday, perusing my library of poster images, when I came across this:


One wonders if the connotation behind the above poster was inadvertent or intentional.

Fortunately, though, I have yet to come across anything in American war propaganda to match this sort of over-the-top religious imagery:


Fellow, WWII buffs, what are your favorite propaganda posters? Where are good online sources for such posters? I am aware of the excellent Calvin College archive of German propaganda and the resources linked to from there.