File under, “Boy, do I think you’ve gotten the wrong person”

One of the odd things about blogging is the e-mail. True, I don’t get anything near the quantity, quality, or sheer weirdness of the e-mail that, for example, PZ Myers, gets, but I do get my share. Some of it’s praise; a lot of it ends up being rants against my being “close-minded” or excessively harsh on quackery; occasionally I get the odd rant about religion; and sometimes I get something that’s just plain weird. In this latter category, very, very occasionally I get e-mails that show that the person sending it either doesn’t have a clue or sent the e-mail to the wrong person.

Enter “Carol” (name changed to protect the clueless):


My name is Carol from a tiny town in Iowa. Oh wow! The reason why I am contacting you is because I am writing a grant for a business to research some of this genius equipment and how it can change our future. A future in medicine I do hope. I am sure that is what some of the inventors intentions were. Well, I intend on filling in the hole or the gap so to speak. I would love to speak with you some time to see if you would be interested in such a task. I have recently used your bio photon ionizer. What an impressive machine.

I hope to hear from you soon. This grant may tend to be written differently should I receive some input from an inventor.

Extremely impressed,


Whoa. Definitely wrong person. I wonder if I should respond to her e-mail. I also wonder how on earth she could have sent this to my e-mail. Perhaps there’s a glimmer of hope that she’s visited the blog before.

In any case, I also wondered what a biophoton ionizer is; so I Googled it and found things like this, PHOTONIC Water Systems. Wow! This looks like Your Friday Dose of Woo material to me! Thanks, Carol! I didn’t have time to do a full deconstruction last night, but I will place your e-mail and these links into my Folder of Woo for future Insolence.