I didn’t know nonsense could be so well-organized, anti-vaccine edition

It was nearly a month ago when I first marveled at how nonsense could be so well-organized. My marvel was expressed at the awesomeness that was the Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense (which, by the way, is now available in “sanitized” versions, as well as versions in other languages). It turns out that Crispan’s effort has inspired one of my readers to try his hand at this whole organizating nonsense thing. This blog being what it is and all and his proclivities being what they are, he decided to create…drumroll, please…The Periodic Table of Vaccine Rejectionism, which he’s given me permission to post right here:


A PDF version of the file can be found here.

How appropriate to post this on the very same day that Penn and Teller premiere their Bullshit! episode about the anti-vaccine movement. I like it, although I do think there are more trolls to be listed, some of whom infest the comment threads of this very blog! Perhaps John Best is quite simply too unstable to exist as an element. Ditto, perhaps, the Australian Vaccination Network, where the looniness is clearly too concentrated to exist or perhaps must combine with other elements. In any case, I’m half-tempted to start using the element symbol Hp whenever I blog about HuffPo’s pseudoscience.

Finally, like the actual periodic table of the elements, ca 1900, I do believe this particular periodic table is currently incomplete. Help us complete it! Surely there must be at least 118 anti-vaccine loon elements around.

One other question: How long before the anti-vaccine propagandists at Age of Autism or other anti-vaccine loons try to create their own periodic table of vaccine defenders (I’m sure they’d come up with a different name), probably complete with Paul Offit, Stephen Barrett, Nancy Snyderman, big pharma, and possibly even me. Actually, if they don’t include me on such a periodic table, I’ll be very disappointed. Wait a minute. By saying that I’ve probably guaranteed that they won’t. On the other hand, how do they know that’s not part of my nefarious plan to make sure that they don’t include me on their table? Answer: They don’t!