Here we go again: More entertainers sucked into the “autism biomed” fundraising maw

Here we go again.

Apparently, trying to bounce back from the humiliation of having had its plan to do a music and comedy fundraiser with Jill Sobule as one of the headliners shot down when Sobule found out that Generation Rescue is an “autism organization” that supports anti-vaccine pseudoscience like that of Andrew Wakefield and Mark and David Geier and quite correctly decided to withdraw, Generation Rescue is at it again with an event it’s calling Comedy for Kids with Autism.

According to the mass e-mail I received:

Join us Saturday, September 11th at the Third Annual “Comedy for Kids with Autism” culinary, art and comedy event at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

Please join Jenny McCarthy and her fabulous funny friends to laugh the night away. Jenny is hosting the comedic lineup which includes Whitney Cummings, Heather McDonald, Gary Valentine and Josh Wolf.

You can buy your tickets NOW at

The Ryder Foundation and Generation Rescue partnered together to make it a night of laughing and fun! We would love for you to join us and have a joyful and fun experience helping us raise money for kids with autism. Your contribution will help our organizations continue to provide support and services to families who have children with autism. The autism rate has never been higher, affecting 1 out of every 110 children, and the need for your support has never been greater!

Jenny McCarthy burst on the scene in a September 2007 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the autism world has never been the same. Her personal story of her son Evan’s descent into autism and ultimate recovery crashed Oprah’s servers as thousands of moms and dads around the country jumped online to tell the similar stories of their own children. A New York Times best selling author and actress Jenny continues to be a Mother Warrior for Evan and children with autism.

Whitney Cummings: The hilarious and wickedly ranchy 27-year comedian, from the movie “Made of Honor” can also be seen on TV shows such as the “Chelsea Lately Show,” “Howard Stern”, and her own “Money Shot” special on Comedy Central.

Heather McDonald: Besides performing stand up comedy, Heather McDonald is a full-time writer and story producer on the E! Channel’s top rated show “Chelsea Lately.” She has a top-selling book called “You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again” and you can find her writing (and opinion) in US Weekly’s “fashion police” section.

Gary Valentine: A stand-up comedian and regular on the television show “The King of Queens”, he has also has had his own show on Comedy Central Presents and appeared on Jay Leno. He can be seen in movies such as “Stuck on You,” “I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry” and “Paul Blart Mall Cop.”

Josh Wolf: Josh’s unique, honest and high energy style of storytelling makes him a favorite stand-up comedian at The Improv, The Laugh Factory and The World Famous Comedy Store. He has also done a one-man show at the HBO Workspace as well as written for television shows for years, such as “Fairly Normal,” “Yes, Dear,” Will Smith’s “All of US,” which he has also acted on, and “Cuts.” He can be seen on shows such as “My Name is Earl” and “Chelsea Lately” and has had several hosting gigs for E! entertainment.

Looks like it’s time to do the same thing with these comedians that was done with Jill Sobule and try to educate them about why supporting Generation Rescue is supporting anti-vaccine pseudoscience. Sobule totally got it; so we can hope that these entertainers will “get it” too when educated about just what it is they’ve hooked up with. If you’re a fan of of any of these performers, please consider sending her an e-mail or contacting her on Facebook (and I know some of my Facebook friends have also friended her) expressing your disappointment to them for associating with this sort of pseudoscience and trying to educate them.

Contact information for the comics can be found at the links:

As always, be calm and respectful. Lay out succinctly why Generation Rescue is not a “charity” that any performer should want to associate his name with and how proceeds from any fundraising go to promote anti-vaccine pseudoscience and to “grants” to pay for “autism biomed” treatments for autistic children.