Another idiotic poll: Do you think vaccines are safe?

A friend of mine sent me a link to one of my hometown news stations because he saw something that irritated him. On the front page, there is a poll of such epic burning stupid that it requires an immediate crash. I may not be P.Z., but I have in some instances overcome my previous dislike of poll crashing, especially when it’s a poll this stupid:

Do you think immunizations are safe?


As if an Internet poll has any bearing whatsoever on whether vaccines are safe or even on whether people believe vaccines are safe.

The poll is located on the webpage of the Detroit FOX affiliate in the rightmost sidebar about halfway down. Right now, the poll is running 43% yes, 56% no. Go, my mini-horde! You’ll have my eternal (or at least for a few hours) thanks.

ADDENDUM: The poll appears to be gone, replaced by a poll about the Lions asking how many games they’ll win this year. Hope springs eternal, I guess.